How Can I see who accessed my Google Drive link

Google docs are one of the best docs for any organization or group to collaborate. The most important thing is that anyone can change or edit any single part of the document without losing track of who has done it. At the same time, it is also important to know who has viewed your document and which parts are useful. You can also get information about who has read your latest part of the submission. But recently you couldn’t be able to see who has viewed your doc without editing, saving, or leaving a comment.
You can also share your doc for read-only mood. Through this process, people can read your doc but they are not able to make any changes
But now google is allowing you to see who has viewed your docs. So let’s discuss.
G suit activity monitor.
G suit is used for those organizations where collaboration is important.
You can see who has viewed your google docs when you using G suite for collaboration. There is an activity monitor, you can use it to see the view history on google docs.

How Can I see who accessed my Google Drive link

By following these steps you can do it :

  1. First, you have to Open a Google Sheet file.
  2. On the upper side of the right part, you can find an arrow, click here. or there is a tools option, click here.
  3. now you can see some options. choice of the ‘activity dashboard’.
  4. now you can find the ‘all viewer’ option. Through this process, you can find all of your information.

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