How do you give someone access to your Google Drive

In the modern age, google drive is very important for collecting, storing, and sharing data.  If you have a google account then easily you can make a google drive. 

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free space to collect your video, picture, or any kind of document.  You can use or share your video, picture, or documents from any device if you are connected to the internet. 

If you have google drive and don’t know how to share with others, then don’t worry. Through this content, you can learn how to share videos, pictures,s or documents with others.


      Follow these steps,

  1. First, you have to select which file or document you want to share. Click the right button on your mouse. You can find some options, click the ‘share’ option
  2. When you click the share option, Then you can find add people or groups. Click here and choose the particular group or people.
  3.  If you go down then you could find ‘anyone with the link’ click here. Now you can find restricted or anyone with the link. If you select restricted then only those kinds of people can see your document who has been selected by you. If you select ‘anyone with the link’ then everyone can see your documents. 
  4. On the right part of the down site you can find ‘view’, click here. Now you can find their three options 1. View,  2. comment, 3.  Edit. If you select view then people only can view your documents, if you select comment then people can also able to comment on your documents, if you select edit then people can edit your documents.


By following this process you can easily share your video, picture, or documents. 

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