How to Change Password in Outlook 2013 – Best Methods

Today I am talking about How to Change Password in Outlook 2013! Outlook is a very important part for those persons, who has worked for an office, business, or company. All of our valuable mail are stored here. so it is very important to protect them properly.

If feel that your password is very weak or someone else knows that. Now you are thinking about changing your password but can’t. Then no need to worry about it, my content will help you, how to change your password in outlook.

What is Outlook?

Outlook is a very useful program because It can download all of your mail automatically and manage it by staying connected. Outlook gives you access to show all of your mail when you are offline. When a message arrives on your device it will give you a notification and keep it saved on your device.

If someone wants to try hake your email account, then your email sent you a notification to change your password. Anyway if you change your email password then outlook won’t download any massage until you do not change the password of outlook. Let’s discuss how to change your password in outlook 2013

How to Change Password in Outlook 2013:

  1. First, open your outlook.
  2. In the left top bar there is an option ‘File’ click here.
  3. In the center of the window, you have found the accounts setting click here. and click the account setting again.
  4. Choose your email account.
  5. Change your password and click next.

I have tried my best to explain everything in an easy way on our website. If you have any doubt about anything then asked me in a comment and I will try to make it solve. Thanks for reading.

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