How to Change Screen Timeout on iPhone 13

Do you want to keep your iPhone display on for a longer time? But do not know how to make it, then you just follow our article I hope you can solve it easily. Because I have described it in detail with some guided pictures.

Keep your Lock Screen visible with Always On Display

Most of the time for various purposes we need to be on our screen for a long time.  Just imagine you are using google maps for navigation. Then you need to be on your screen for a long time. Or you are using your phone for calculating something so it would be annoying if your phone screen going to off most of the time. So in this kind of cessation, we need to be on our phones for a long time. Our phone has allowed us to be on screen for a long time. Now we will learn how to on our phone screen for a long time.

How to Keep iPhone 13 Screen On

Now we will learn about how to keep iPhone 13 in iOS 15.0.2 and this step is also available for most of the iPhone models in various versions of the iOS operating system. 

How to Change Screen Timeout on iPhone 13

Follow the below steps to change your iPhone screen timeout.

Step -1: Setting

If you want to change the screen timeout then you have to open your setting first. If you do not find your setting then you have to go to the home screen and there is a search option. You can find the setting by searching here.

Step-2: Display and Brightness.

When you click on setting then it will open a page, If you scroll down then you will find Display and Brightness options. You have to click here.

Step-3: Auto-Lock.

Now you have to scroll down again, Then you can see there is an option Auto-Lock  You have to click here. The time is showing in here the current screen timeout duration.

Step-4: Chose the perfect time for you.

Now in the display, you will find a list of times. Its starts from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You can select the best option for you. Or if you do not want any binding of lock screen then you can select the Never option.  If you do that then your display wouldn’t sleep for any time.



Now we will recap all of the steps in short. If you did not understand all of my articles or if you do not have much time then you just follow the simple steps to solve your problem.

  1. First, you have to go to the phone setting.
  2. Then click on Display and brightness
  3. Now scroll down and click the Auto-lock option
  4. Finally, you have to find the things that you want.

You will find a list of times like

  1. 30 seconds
  2. 1 minute
  3. 2 minutes
  4. 3 minutes
  5. 4 minutes
  6. 5 minutes
  7. Never

Now you have to choose the right time option that you want. If you want to off the lock screen mood then you have to select Never.

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