How to Clear YouTube History on iPhone and iPad

How to Clear YouTube History on iPhone and iPad 


YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms where people can watch and publish videos. About 2.5 billion users monthly use YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd highest visited website in the world. Most people are using YouTube for watching videos or learning something new. So sometimes it had some technical problems also. Though the problem is very simple, it is hard for someone who does not use YouTube regularly. In this article, we will show you how to clear YouTube history on iPhone and iPad.

YouTube app has the ability to save you’re all of search history and the things you watch on YouTube can be saved on history. Anyone who uses your phone can easily see what kind of video you have seen or searched on YouTube. Most people do not like that. so if you want to delete the search history of YouTube on your iPhone or iPad then this article is yours. Because in this article we will show you how to clear the search history on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Clear YouTube History on iPhone and iPad

By following these simple steps, you can quickly clear the YouTube history on your iPhone and iPad

Step-1: Open YouTube: First you have to open the YouTube app.

Step-2: profile icon: You have to find the profile icon. Then click here.

Step-3: Select Settings:  After clicking on the profile icon you have found some options. You have to scroll down. At the bottom of the menu, you have found the setting. Click here.

Step-4  Clear watch history: When you click the setting then, you have seen some options. Scroll down and find out the Clear watch history  Click here to clean the watch history.

Step-5: Clear watch history again: After clicking the Clear the watch history then it will send you a notification to confirm the clear watch history then tap the clear watch history again.

Step-6 Clear search history:  After finishing that you will find the next option of clear search history. Click here to clear search history.

Step-7  Clear search history. It will give you a notification to confirm the clear search history. Click here again to clear the search history.

In this article, I try my best to make the topic easy and helpful for everyone. If you have any questions then asked me in a comment. I will try to make its solution. Thanks for reading our article.


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