How to Enable iMessage on the iPad 2

Most of the parts of iMessage and text massage are similar but there are some differences also. iMessage is more useful than a text message.

So if you have an iPad and do not set up the iMessage then this article will help you to know how to Enable iMessage on the iPad.

How to Enable iMessage on the iPad 2

Follow my below steps to enable iMessage on your iPad.

Step 1: Setting: First you need to open your setting.

Step 2: Messages: Then you have to go to the massage option.

Step 3: iMessage: Now you will find the iMessage option at the top. You have to turn it ON by clicking the right corner.

Step 4: Sign in with your Apple ID:  If do not sign in with your Apple ID then you need to sign in with your Apple ID

Now you have activated the iMessage on your iPad. You can able to text your friends and family member who are using iPhones, iPad, or MacBooks. You can find them by email or using the contact number.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is basically like text messages, that are developed by Apple. Only those who use iPad, iPhones, or MacBooks can use iMessage. Normally when someone uses a text message then it appears blue bubble in the screen but when you are using the iMessage it will appear green bubble on your screen. Text messages are not encrypted but iMessage is encrypted. You can share text photos or videos with iMessage. It is verrry easy to use. Though the iMessage is encrypted so your all information will safe and secure.

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