How to know if your phone is being hack

Now we are living in the age of information and technology. Mobile phones, tab, and computers have made our life so easy. Now we can find any kind of information from different parts of the world within a moment. We can send money, mail, or valuable documents with a click. Technology makes our life very easy. But it has some problems also. There are some bad people who are waiting for a single mistake of yours and get your all of valuable information in a moment. 

 In this context, I will discuss how to know if someone is hacked into your smartphone. The smartphone is the most important part of our daily life. we keep all of our valuable information here like bank information, mail, call record, important documents of your office, etc. 

If someone gets hacked into your phone then he could steal your money, properties, practice, and everything. So, It is very important to know if your phone is hacked or not. If your phone is hacked then you will find some symptoms.  

Let’s discuss it:

  • Battery backup: If you feel your phone battery is decreasing then remember there is a chance to hack your phone. Because hackers are using your phone all of the time for transferring information, that’s why it needs an extra charge. 
  • Auto restarts: If your phone is constantly restarting without access then don’t think it’s a technical problem. There is a possibility that someone else is controlling your phone. 
  • Hitting issue: when you are using your phone then it will be hit up. It’s very normal but if it increases unexpectedly like you keep your phone but its temperature is increasing without using it.  Then don’t think it is a normal issue. There is a chance your phone is being hacked.  Because hackers are always using your phone, that’s why temperatures are increased.
  1. Did your phone run with your setting? like brightness, volume, etc. If it is not, then be careful because there is a chance to hack your phone. Because when someone else is controlling your phone then they could be making your phone’s volume up to down or brightness high to low. 


It’s true technology makes our life very easy. We’re very dependable on our phones, laptop, or any kind of technological thing. It has safe our time and given us a very comfortable life but at the same time, it could be a curse on our life also. We should be careful all the time. Be safe, and live safe.

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