How to Scan QR Codes on an iPhone 13

Day by day modern technology makes our life easier and QR Codes is one of the great wonders of technology. You can get a result without typing and searching for anything. Just scan the QR code option and go where you want to go.

So if you want to learn how to scan the QR Codes on an iPhone 13 then please read my article. I hope you will understand all the things very properly.

Is it possible to scan the QR code with the iPhone 13?

Yes, it’s possible.

You need to just set up the QR setting and take advantage of this technology.

How to Scan QR Codes on an iPhone 13

I will give explain how to scan QR codes on an iPhone 13 in a very short and easy way. If you want to know then just follow my article.

How to Enable QR Code Scanning with the iPhone Camera

  1. Go to the Setting option.
  2. Then select the Camera.
  3. Now you have to turn on the Scan QR Codes option
  4. Then you have to open your Phone Camera.
  5. Now you just position the QR code with your phone camera,
  6. And then you have to pop up the window to enter into link  

If you have understood all of my points then good but if you do not get it then no need to worry. Because I will discuss this in detail with some guided pictures.

How to Open the QR Codes Scanner on Your iPhone (with pictures)

You can apply  our guide to iPhone 13 in the iOS 16  operation system

Step-1: Setting

First, you have to go to the Setting option  of your phone, You will find the Setting option on your home screen,

Step-2: Camera

When you click on setting then it will take you to a new page where you find so many options.  From here you have to choose the Camera option. To find the camera you have to scroll down and down then you will find the camera option.  Click here.

Step-3: Scan QR Codes on

Now you have to find out the option of Scan QR Codes. You will find it in the middle of your phone screen. Then you have to turn it on. You can turn it on by dragging the pull to the right then it will show with green light. That means it has turned on.

Step-4: Open the Phone Camera.

Now you have to exit from the setting. Then you have to open the Camera of your Phone.

Step-5: Scan the QR Code.

If you place the camera of your phone in front of the QR code then it will atumaticly scan the code and it will live a link. Now you can easily enter into the link.

Step-6: Open the link to Visit the website.

If you click on the link that is found from the QR code then it will automatically take you to the website.

This is all about scanning a QR code. I hope you have got all of my information properly. So now it’s your turn to take advantage of scanning the QR code.

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