How to Stop Automatically Playing Podcasts on an iPhone

How to stop Podcasts on an iPhone Automatically easy method. Day by day podcasts is being more popular because people can do their work by listening to the podcast episode. That is not possible to watch a video or when you are reading. people can enjoy listening to longer types of movies or various kinds of short episodes.

when you are doing something and at the same time you want to listen to podcast episodes. This time for some reason you need to off your podcast setting from your iPhone at this time it’s difficult to change them because your hands are stuck. Then what do you do?

In this context, I will show the best method to solve it. You can do it by following some essay methods and enjoy.

How to stop Podcasts on an iPhone Automatically easy method.

  1. First, you have to settings option.
  2. then chose the Podcast.
  3. Scroll down and disable the continue playback option.

Through this process, you can easily stop your podcast playback.

Some people like to listen to the same podcast multiple times. So if you want to listen to the same podcast multiple times but can’t because your iPhone deletes them after you have listened.

How to Remove Podcast Episodes from an iPhone After Listening to Them

Some people have downloaded a podcast so that they can hear it in their free time while there is no internet connection. But it took space that could be used for different purposes or other media.

By following this easy method you can easily remove your podcast episode from an iPhone.

  1. First, you have to open the podcast.
  2. then chose the ‘Library’ option.
  3. Then select Downloaded.
  4. For those parts, you want to delete, swipe left.
  5. Now you can find the option “Remove Download”

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