How to Stop Location Naming for Voice Memos on iPhone 13

Voice memos are one of the best important options for iPhone. Because when you record something with voice memos then it also takes the location tag with voice. That is very helpful for users because they do not need to rename it again. And another important part of voice memos is when you need to hear this voice it’s easy to find because of the location.

Is it Possible to Stop Location Naming for Voice Memos?

Yes, It’s possible. If you want to stop the location naming on voice memos then it’s possible. Sometimes we have to record so many things in the same place and same time. In this regard, if your location tag is on then every file will be saved in about the same name.  It makes a problem when you need to select a particular thing from it. So if you want to get rid of this problem then you should stop the location naming option from your phone. Now we will discuss how to stop location naming for voice memos,

How to Turn off Voice Memo Location Naming

The shortest way to turn off voice memo location naming

  1. Setting
  2. Voice Memos
  3. Turn off the  Location-based Naming

If you can make it solve with this data then ok. But if you feel hard to solve it with this information then I will explain to you with some guided picture. As if you can understand all things very easily.

How to Disable the Location-Based Naming for iPhone Voice Memos       {with picture}

The steps we have discus in here will be available for all of the newer versions of the iPhone, especially for the iPhone 13 in the iOS 16.4 operation system.

Step-1: Setting.

First, you have to open the setting option of your phone,  You will find it in the menu.

Step-2: Voice Memos

When you click on the setting then it will take you to a new page. You have to scroll down and then you will find the option of Voice Memos. Now you have to click here.

Step-3: Location-Based Naming.


When you have clicked on the Voice Memos then it will take you to a new page. At the bottom of your phone screen, you will find an option for Location-Based Naming.  You have to turn it on by dragging it to the right. When it turns on then it will look green.

This is all we are talking about. I hope you have gotten all the parts to vary properly. Now it’s your turn to do it. If you feel hard on any part of this article then tell me in a comment.

What is Voice Momos Locating?

Voice Memos is one of the most amazing features of the iPhone. When you are recording from your iPhone then it will save with the location name also. So that next time in the future it will be very easy to find out the particular recording file by checking the location name.


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