How to Keep Our Phone Safe Frome Hackers?

Mobile phone is part and parcel of our daily life. It has made our life very easy.  We use mobile phones for various purposes, like calculators, cameras, video, audio, voice recording, gaming, browsing, etc. we also use mobile phones for sending or receiving money. We also keep our valuable documents on mobile phones. 

How to Keep Our Phone Safe Frome Hackers?

Do you ever think that if your phone gets hacked, then what could happen? Yeah, it could happen and it is not very hard stuff also. Many hackers and organizations could hack your phone and sell all of your valuable documents and make your life is hall. So if you want to live a happy life then you must be aware of it. Let’s discuss how we could save our phones from hackers.

5 Proven Tips to Protect Your Smartphone:

Don’t use public wifi:

Using public wifi is like allowing a thief to steal when the door is open of your house is. But If you have an emergency then you cloud to use it for short time. Because when you are using the wifi then hackers could easily get access to your phone.

Don’t click the unknowing link:

 This is one of the best ways for hackers to hack any phone or others. Hackers have used this link for getting accused of your phone. Sometimes it could be a social id link of a beautiful girl like FB, what’s app, Instagram Snapchat, etc. So when you are going to click an unknown link then be careful. Because by clicking here hacker cloud gets entered into your phone.

Don’t save any password in a browser:

Most of the time we have saved our password in a browser for saving time. We should not do that. Because most browser companies are not trusted. They could hack your phone and sell all your information.  

Don’t install any apps out of Play Store:

 Play store is one of the trusted sites of google. It doesn’t allow that kind of app that is harmful to your phone. So you can trust on play store. But if you think about installing any apps that are out of the play store then be careful. Because it could be harmful to your phone.

What kind of access is wanted when an app is installed:

Amazing that you are installing a game, but it wants to access your camera or contact or picture. If it happens then be careful because it could be a trap to hack your phone. because normally a game doesn’t need camera access. 



Just imagine that you are talking over the phone but someone else is hearing all of your conversations. Or in your phone gallery, you have some personal picture or video or any important documents but someone else is seeing all of the things in your phone. I am sure you won’t want it anyway.

By hacking your phone They could make social harassment by blackmailing with your secret image or video. They could spoil your life or career in a second. So if we want to live a happy life then we have to be aware of it and shouldn’t do any mistakes. Be safe and live safe.

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