How to share Google Drive link without access

Google Drive is one of the most popular online cloud platforms. Here you can store your personal things like photos, images, videos, doc files, etc. Google Drive is one kind of google service. so if you want to use it, then you need a google account or Gmail account. It’s very easy to upload files and download. It keeps your photo, image, video, doc file, etc safe.

How to share Google Drive links without access on PC

You can share your drive file with a link. This is so an easy method. Today I will share with your some secret methods that you can share your Google drive data without access. Below I give all the methods I have.

  1. First Select a file from Google drive & Click the right button on your mouse.
  2. You see some options, now click “Share”
  3. A new window open & it asked for the people and group name/ Mail that you want to give this file.
  4. Write here all the mail or group name or address
  5. Now select general access and select “Anyone with the link”

So by this process, you can share your file easily and store it in a safe. By using google drive you can use your data from different devices from different places.

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